About ADP

What do we do?
ADP connects Denmark with the world - with three ports and a coming transport centre. Our ports supply companies and public institutions with the goods they need, whether feedstuffs for agriculture, heating fuel, salt for the roads or something else altogether. The Port of Fredericia is furthermore cruise port for the Region of Southern Denmark. Our new project Taulov Dry Port will enable us to offer flexible framework for logistic solutions.

Where are we?
We operate the Danish industrial ports of Fredericia, Nyborg and Middelfart and Taulov Dry Port. We supply infrastructure, cranes, labour and services for the work on the wharfs of our three ports. The ports are of an international standard in terms of capacity and depth, and their location is unique – right in the middle of Denmark, close to both national and international infrastructure. This obligates.

Taulov Dry Port will supply the framework for effecient infrastructure. We own the property, we finance and build the buildings. The customers rent the facilities - that is maximum flexibility.

Who are we?
ADP is more than just wharfs, cranes, cruise port and a transport centre. We are also a trustworthy business partner to our customers. We know the market and offer our customers new options and solutions. We always do our best and never promise more than we can keep.

In terms of square metres, we do not manage Denmark's biggest ports, but we have turned this weakness into strength