Luxury cruise Line visits Fredericia for the first time

The luxury ship Viking Sun from the Norwegian-owned cruise line Viking Ocean Cruises calls Fredericia for the first time Monday, 2 July. Viking Ocean Cruises is new on the list of cruise lines visiting Fredericia, and in addition to this call, we are already prepared to welcome its sister ship Viking Sky in October.
In Cruise Fredericia, we are pleased to see that our efforts to attract more cruise ships to Fredericia has been successful. Since 2014, Fredericia has been a cruise destination, which over time has developed into a popular port to call. This development is important to Fredericia as well, as the city benefits from the many visiting cruise guests. In connection with the call on 2 July, 800 of the 930 guests choose to start the day in Fredericia and go on guided tours around the city, where experienced guide teams tell the story of the old fortress town.

Optimal berthing conditions and location are essential
A water-depth of 12 meters and a quay length of 370 meters mean that the port is easily accessible and navigable for even the largest cruise ships. The distance from the cruise quay to Fredericia city is just 5 minutes on foot, making it easy to get quickly to and from the ship.
In addition, Fredericia is ideal for many unique tourist attractions - including the The Royal Jelling, Christiansfeld and The Wadden Sea, all of which are on UNESCO's world heritage list.

Viking belongs to the luxury segment
The cruise line behind Viking Sun and Viking Sky is Norwegian based Viking Ocean Cruises, which is among the best rated luxury brands in the world. Both Viking Sun and Viking Sky are new ships, built in 2017. The ships are built from a different concept than other cruise ships. There are e.g. no theaters and casinos on board. Guests are knowledgeable, and instead of "entertainment", the guests ask for experiences and attractions where they gain historical knowledge.

Viking Sun measures 228 meters and has 930 guests and 465 crew members. After visiting Fredericia, the ship is heading for Kiel in Germany.