The Funen Village - farms and houses from the time of Hans Christian Andersen

The Funen Village is an open-air museum where you feel a true sense of history. The buildings and countryside of 19th-century Funen take visitors back to the time and places that inspired Hans Christian Andersen and other leading Golden Age personalities to write poetry, paint, and think about democracy and constitutional law.

The Funen Village is not a replica of a specific village but offers an idea of how country life in 19th-century Denmark would have looked. The museum also reflects developments in the 1800s – a period of upheaval that impacted the everyday life of villages on the island of Funen.

The age of Hans Christian Andersen
At the museum you can experience the age of Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875), when men cultivated the land and tended the livestock, while women cared for house and home, children, gardens and small farm animals.

In the country most people lived in half-timbered buildings and were essentially self-sufficient, producing everything a household needed in the way of food, clothing, furniture and so on. The children helped out from an early age and from 7 to 14 also attended school. On turning 14 they were considered adult.

On arriving at the Funen Village, you will be greeted in the Visitors' Centre, which bridges the gap between the modern world and the open-air museum. You can get a general picture of the museum here before your visit transports you back in time. The Visitors' Centre balcony affords a wonderful view of the central part of the village.


Practical information:

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10 am -5 pm depending on season (please check website)  

Distance from the Port of Fredericia: 55 km (approx. 1 hour by bus)
Accessibility: Narrow doorways and high steps make many of the buildings inaccessible to wheelchair users.
Recommended length of visit: 2 hours
Guided tours in: Danish, English and German
Activity level: Medium
Theme: Village environment 1800-1900. Nature, culture and Danish history

For Funen Village:, phone: +45 65514601

Further information contact: Visit Fredericia: