Royal Jelling - a UNESCO site

The Royal Jelling museum is part of Denmark’s largest Viking complex. Next to the museum itself you can see the famous Jelling runic stones and the two huge burial mounds. The area has figured on UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage list since 1994.

Jelling is home to one of Denmark’s main historical tourist attractions. The Royal Jelling museum takes you on a historic journey through the development of the area and its monuments from their construction over 1,000 years ago and up to the present day.

You will sense the history of the Danish Viking Age and learn about the first Vikings in the world’s oldest monarchy.

The Jelling Stones and burial mounds
The Jelling stones are two large runic stones with runic inscriptions recounting the victory of Christianity over the Nordic gods. The rune stones have also been called the baptism certificate of Denmark. The two huge burial mounds are also located in the beautiful countryside surrounding the Jelling Stones and Jelling Church.

On UNESCO’s World Heritage List
The Viking kings Gorm the Elder and his son Harald Bluetooth founded the area over 1,000 years ago, and this is the story the Royal Jelling Museum so vividly brings  to life. In 1994 the area around the Jelling Stones was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List, alongside monuments like Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China.

In the museum café guests can enjoy light refreshments or a slice of cake, and the museum shop will tempt you with a broad range of Viking jewellery, historic drinking glasses, books and other unique articles. 

Practical information:

Opening hours: 
12 noon-4 pm and 10 am-5 pm depending on season (please check the website)

Distance from the Port of Fredericia: Approx. 45 km (approx. 45 minutes by bus)
Accessibility: A few steps lead up to the burial mounds.
Recommended length of visit: 1-2 hours
Guided tours in: English. Max. 30 persons per group
Activity level: Medium
Theme: History, culture, religion and nature
Royal Jelling:, phone: +45 7587 2350

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