Christiansfeld - a UNESCO Site

Christiansfeld was founded in 1772 and named after King VII. Christiansfeld is one of the best preserved Moravian Brethren towns in the world.

The Moravian Brethren is a Lutheran-Evangelical nonconformist congregation with the same confessional basis as the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church. The Moravian Brethren built a town with connected architecture, consistent use of specific materials and colors as well as a sense of detail. At the heart of Christiansfeld you can enjoy all the shops in evocative and historical settings.

On UNESCO’s World Heritage List  
Christiansfeld has been nominated on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites in July 2015. The town’s atmosphere and history make a visit to Christiansfeld a unique and special experience.

Christiansfeld is on the list as an ideal city, which through its unique architecture testifies the Moravian Brethren Church's understanding of a society built on a Christian background. At the founding of Christiansfeld in 1773, it was a free town and the only town in Denmark which had religious freedom.

Practical information:

Christiansfeld Center opening hours: 10 am -17 pm depending on season (please check the website)
Guided tours: Available in Danish, English and German. Max. 25 persons per group.
Distance from the Port of Fredericia: Approx. 45 km. (approx. 45 minutes by bus)
Accessibility: Disabled-friendly with wide pedestrians.  
Recommended length of visit: 3-4 hours.
Activity level: Medium
Theme: History, culture, religion, nature, shopping
Christiansfeld Centret:, Tel. +45 79791773

For further information contact Visit Fredericia: